Our training sessions can be organized on an individual basis, or small groups. Our groups consist of only two or three players, and are roughly around the same age group, so that the player has a better learning experience. These are some of the main concepts and skills that are taught in our training:

Passing and Receiving: Timing and selection of the pass- improve on the accuracy of a short and long distance passing, and the body mechanics and positioning. Also, the vision and the importance of first touch to control and prepare the ball.

Dibbling: Focus on keep points, such as: Body balance, having agility and balance, protecting the ball, changing the direction and speed, and learning moves to get passed the defender.

Heading: Eye on the ball - reading the flight of the ball, area of contact, how to use upper body and legs to generate power, and different tactics for the game situations such as: 

  • Heading for Defense - power for distance and width for safety
  • Heading for Attack - direction or deflect ball to target, flick on's  

Game strategy: Learn the fundamentals - form and execution, Match related situations - first shadow, introduce pressure of opponent and Match conditions - game created problem and decision making.  

Shooting Techniques: Learning how to position the body for accurate shooting. The choice of foot, quality of first touch for placement and power.